Awesome Kiluan

on Selasa, 22 Januari 2013
Not so long ago, i had an amazing trip along with some friends. Dani, Luki, Rio, Andre, Rizkur, Nandita, and Tanjung.
Many people were amazed by the time they heard the name of Kiluan. One thing comes to their mind is bunch of Dolphin. Yes, a thousand of dolphin.
Mmm.. Where should i start the story. Mmmm, alright.
It was unpredictable an unprepared holiday trip at the very first time. Dani, Luki, Andre, and I was having a plan to visit Palembang on the weekend. It was our first trip in 2013 for us in January.
Somehow, one day before the departure, we faced a couple of... mmm.. what am i supposed to call it.. a systematical error. Yep, pretty good words huh?. The ticket for us to go was busted at that time. Everyone eventually was ready to go. All of it. Stuff, money, chlotes, everything was fully setup. But, unfortunately the only access to go was unsupportive.
The plan was canceled.
That night, those bunch of morons including me was trying to find another alternative. Then, Andre dazzled us with his idea of visting Kiluan. Without no argument at all, we agreed.
We planned to go by car next day in the morning. Fortunately, there were 4 empty seats on the SUV we planned to use. Further, it was my duty to have some friends as filler.
Finally, Rio, Rizkur was lucky. They were choosen. Still, 2 more empty seats. I had no idea of whom will be choosen next because of many students went home on holiday. Lucky took turn. He texted Tanjung and Nandita. They agreed. Seats are vompletely booked. No doubt, we're gonna go.
The next day, everyone except Nandita was already stepped in Asrama 45, our lucky dorm. Right at 11 past half, we picked up Nandita in her house.
At 1 pm, we were setup and ready to go. Wow, the first 2013 trip seemed gonna be awesome.
It needed more than five hours to reach Amazing Kiluan Bay at that time because of several reason. The main problem is the road. There was really really hard to go through. It was pretty bad surface of road. If you wanted to go there, i suggested to ride a really really well prepared vehicle for off road cause you will found the road you would never imagine before. It was terrible. Plus rain, it's goin to be disaster if you do not have well prepared stuff.

Fortunately, everything was good in accordance to the plan except the money.
You need extra money if you visited Kiluan.
Half of the way to kiluan was usual. We experienced a couples of small village, Hanura, Padang Cermin, Pekon Ampai, and Punduh Pedada. It offered us the experience we had never seen before.
In some village, there were no electricity, even signal for your cellphone. That was really really unpredictable for us. I could see a lot of Family in their simple way of life. No crowded, no sirens, no smoke of bad vehicle. It felt really calm there. I saw how they stared at our vehicle by the time we went through their main road. Seemed that car was not familiar moving stuff for across their main road. It was tribic.
Half past 4, luckily we reached KILUAN BAY. Slowly we observed every single inch of Kiluan atmosphere. It was good, really really good to How people were carrying their works, how children are happily played their traditional toys.

We reached the last cottage to be hired. It was owned by a woman named Malah. Mrs. Malah. He offered us anything she could rent to us.
Finally, we agreed with the price, and took a rest for a while.
Amazing experience of kiluan land was started and ended one day after.

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