It’s FINAL SEMESTER EXAM whether you're ready or not....

on Senin, 18 Juni 2012

"So what can I expect from a Final Semester Examination shows this week?"

This question, for some reason, seems to be a very popular interview question, besides the "How has your life changed since U entered university?"  (Answered that one about... a million times already. Ha). 

It's a hard question to answer because, I don't want to say what I'm really thinking when they ask that question:

"Uhm....I don't know exactly, Huge scores?, of course."

No one coming to the class or asking the above question wants to hear a flat out, "I don't know!"  But the truth is, I really don't, and I think that's the beauty of a live in a college like me, in UNILA.  You really don't know what to expect.  It's organic.  I could totally butcher a song, forget lyrics, trip and fall on my own bunch of books and novel in my boarding house....  The mood of a facing final examination changes all the time.  Alike the mood of the couple changes all the time too.  That's an important factor to take into mind as well.

There have been a lot of examinations where I have "lost myself in the class."  Shows that have been the best day of my life, where I've been genuinely smiling time by time, just so grateful to be on my chair and even more grateful that the crowd seems to be just as happy as I am and also responsive.  

But there have been other times, many other times, where that's not the case at all.

Like yesterday, I was grumpy and sick, my nose full of jelly, a full body chill,  a cough that wouldn't be suppressed by all the Halls drops in the world, a sore throat, and... WHAT? I have to go out and do my own routine in front of a crowd of people and pretend like I'm having the time of my life?, NO. the answer is no.

There have been examinations where not so great things have happened.  I remember one exam about one and half years ago, where my girlfriend (when I had, hahaha.. now i'm not sure) and I of 1 and a half years had a terrible fight, and after a morning hour phone call of tears and exasperated yelling, we broke up.  Then my friend popped my head in the door and said, "Be relax buddies."  What? 

Or what about the time I played a futsal where my team came in four, instead, we need five people to play. And bad mood situation happened. (Long story, but i was completely innocent...very long story).  That was definitely not a relaxing show for me, nor anyone.  

What about the Examinations I had the worst in my life... that was the situation when I had to faced something called CHEATING.

Most people don't think about this thing when they're facing examination.  Not because they're ignorant, but just because...well, just don't. Mostly because they do not prepare it well, and some of them are not motivated well.

I sure as heck don't think about that thing when I'm watching my question sheet and facing the most dangerous killer lecturer in the world.

It's just like when you've been in a relationship with someone for a while and all of a sudden, you stop caring.  I'm not saying that you aren't allowed to sit with your loved one in your beautiful look, pony tail, a good bike, spiky hair & jeans.  (Aw, that sounds so nice right now).  But sometimes when you're with someone for a long time you end up dressing like that all the time. You are rarely going to the date, forget or don't care to shave your beard, to put your favorite perfume on.  I've been together for so long it doesn't matter right?  
Wrong.  Or at least I think so.  It's important to "get ready" for your significant other especially final examination.  And take that and times it by 100 and that's how important it is for me to "get ready" for the examination tomorrow morning.

Ballpoint. Check.
Pencil.  Check.
Pantovel. Check.
Neat pant. Check.
Neat shirt. Check.
Water. Check. 

All my worries, cares, and grumbling...that's put away in a cupboard for the one hour I'm on examination. Yes in a glass of coffee tomorrow morning. Because that time is mine, together with my preparation.  For Examination.  That one hour before exam is for me to forget about everything else.  I'll leave my cares behind if you leave yours:

My other job
My mid term paper that I haven't even started on yet
My rent payment that's due soon
My just got lay off from my other job
My girlfriend dumped me
I have a head ache
I lost my wallet
My dad never praises us, but always brings up the bad things

I never thought about that guy!  I never thought that, hey, maybe someone in the class is having a terrible day but decided to come out to the class facing the examination anyways!  Maybe someone in the class is feeling sick, too.  They're here.  They are smiling!

Let's make a promise from here on out.  FINAL EXAMINATIONS are a time to close our eyes, forget all our problems, and doing the best to our future better than any other people.

That's what I do when I go to face the exam tomorrow.



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